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It is from many ways and avenues that people have influenced my art work. The most prominent artist that inspired me to create art is my father. He happens to be a sculptor, painter, and jeweler who always encouraged me to be both confident and successful in my greatest talent which is art. I've now moved in to graphic and web design but the African influence that my father gave me is evident in my work.

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My inspiration comes from having lived in Africa for 13 years and prior to that having directed an African dance company.

What country in Africa did you live in? What style of African dance did you do with your dance company?

I use to perform West African Dance and Drum!
Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali.

I performend with the African Arts Ensemble (one of the premier African dance ensembles in the Boston) from 1974-1976, traditional West African dance.
Yusef lived in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mail, Ghana, Gambia. He performed West African Dance and Drum.
My family was the biggest art inspiration as a youth. Not to mention my high school art teacher, mrs. Talbert. Some artists I appreciate and draw encouragement from currently are mom, Dali, John T. Scott, Ralph Bakshi, Samo, Denz One, Refa One (TCB), Secret One (RTN), Rezin (RTN), Siner (LTS) and most importantly ME!
My mother has always been my main influence. She used to paint and has always done something crafty throughout the years, whether it's jewelry making or sewing. I've also been inspired by Frida Kahlo for some reason. Not necessarily her style, but I like the honesty in her work...her ability to speak about herself and her emotions through her work. More recently, I've been influenced and inspired by Kerry James Marshall and the artists of the Africobra movement in the late '60s. I really wanted to do research about Africobra...should have just done so now.

There are a lot of them, I've put the more inspirational to me on MY AFRICARTS FACEBOOK PAGE. You should check it out and subscribe/like to get updates.


Have a blessed day!


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