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How can Artists take advantage of the renewed energy of our people as a result of Obama's Presidency?

I feel that Obama as president will not dramatically change anything in the white house, but the symbolism and energy that has excited black folk, we as artist can use as depicting more images of a complete, positive and intact black family. The notion that our people can have a home that has all the important components in place, (Mother, FATHER, Children, Grandmother, est.) fuels what we've been expressing as black artist all along! The black family is now on the display at the highest seat of this country and that is exciting to watch!

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I agree! We need to ride this wave to publicize our creative works. Participate in more shows/events and network to give exposure to our own works. Don't be afraid to invite everyone you know to events. This includes people like your church members, your doctor, your kids teachers, your neighbors, your insurance agent, etc. You never know who might actually come out to see some of these events. Now is a great time with it being Black History Month. Juneteenth is coming. I know I will be posting an artfest on here soon, but I also will post this on other sites and email invites to many of my contacts. With Obama in the White House, I think all people are looking to see uplifting images and meet progressive & positive people. As artists, part of our role in the community is to be informative so lets inform!
Dear Writer:

It is so true and while dead leadership King, Malcolm-X,etc., many paid the price that was paved by bullets for him (Obama)-keep our dead in mind. As the ultimate sacrifice was made by them for him to cakewalk into the house of darkness.

I Remain

Bishop Randall Mitchell


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