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What is the reason for the decline in sales in the Visual Artist market?

I feel visual art is not promoted like it use to. There is more concentration on computer graphic art. Also the general education of visual art is not promoted in schools outside the art classroom, thus the children grow in a culture of being ignorant about the art world. Today many black families spend most of their time at the movie theater, or at music concerts. Visual Art is trying to appeal to a crowd that has been saturated with computer animation, video games, movies and over glamorized hip-hop artists.

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Well, theres many reasons.
Contrary to what you typed, I personally think that the field is actually growing too widespread and too fast.
The industry is oversaturated with overnight artists due to the digital aspect opening up so many doors, and the recession isn't making things any better.

Everything is about bigger, better, faster nowadays, so the traditional mediums aren't as vital to the industry as they were decades past.
Good point! I never looked at it in this vein. I feel that in addition to that, what speaks to everyday folk are moving images. whether it is video, lighting, flashes, peoples' attention spans have shortened and so, images that are changing or in motion hold their attention longer. One has to really be able to sit for more that 15 seconds to truly appreciate art and how many people can or want to do that today? Perhaps the recession can help our cause, b/c as people begin to look for free/ or nearly free entertainment, hopefully they will rediscover the free days at the art museums, go for walks in the parks and stop to look at the public arts on display, etc.
The artist must create a reality within the realm of the works created by the artists. Festivals, art exhibits, new venues for presentation of the same. We are creating new platforms for Christians rappers who are new to music that are different from the traditional way artist's are presented...........visual, performing, etc. The arts community it seems always leads the way - no idea is a bad one.
IT's all about promotion, I'm employed at an art gallery and the best selling artist are the ones that promoted and the internet is a great tool .I'VE sold more paintings on line than in galleries .I FEEL the market is saturated with art, but good work will always be in demand. But you must be aware of current trends and be willing to go outside your comfort zone.
It seems like some African Americans can not recognize & appreciate talent in African American Artist until a Caucasian American recognizes and places their stamp of approval on it first.
I remember as a teenager when I represented my high school in a college scholarship contest, my work was disqualified because the judges (who were all African Americans) didn't believe that the art I submitted was actually created by me.
Even though my signature was all over it and my school officials assured the judges that the art was created by me, the judges just would not and could not believe that a little Black boy could display that kind of talent.
How crazy is that?
Alot of African Americans need to be educated about fine art. THERE is a movement toward graffiti art
as a true art form. I attended a Red-eye event which feature many lowbrow and street artist. Maybe about 1/3 was of color. But in traditions gallery shows maybe one or two may be of color. I feel African American should participate in more main stream shows(not just in Feb.), That way people of color will be expose to different art mediums.
bottom line is week art,......that same art that JJ ded and on the Bill cous show is going strong..with some but ,,,,little competition 20 yours down the line?
I think one of the main issues is that the world is changing rapidly. Computers have really taken over how the world looks at things. Just 4-5 years ago, I remember creating flyers for my organization and printing them out to hang in order to promote events. Nowadays, people are satisfied with solely promoting events via Facebook!

Also, I think studio work...whether painting, drawing, sculpture, in a way too distant for some people. This may surely be a result of the changes in technology. But originals are not always as easily accessible as are images that pop up on the net due to a Google search. I think most people who are not practitioners or long-time patrons are just plain unsure of how and where to find artwork. Some are a little intimidated by it. This especially goes for people in the Black community. I don't think we as a community have considered studio art very valuable in a long time anyway. Maybe just as a hobby, but not as something serious.

But these are just my opinions. Overall, we need to figure out what we can do as artists, art educators, and art historians to better promote our field and get people seriously interested. But at the end of the day, I think there is definitely still a place for us and people still love art and like to purchase good work.


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